Some Ways We Serve


Ministry Areas Graphic (3)The Network Praha church plant is making disciples of people who do not easily find a home in church – singles, expats, professionals ages 23-35, multinationals, etc. – and creating community for people whose identities make it hard for them to find a sense of belonging. Through our experimental approach, we are continuously developing disciple-making materials being used by churches and church planters among the nations.


Ministry Areas Graphic (3)The Czech Republic is one of the worst nations in Europe as regards slavery and human trafficking. Through collaboration and cooperation on many levels and with multiple organizations, we labor to increase awareness, address injustice, and minister to both traffickers and trafficked alike.


Ministry Areas Graphic (3)Through music, we encounter and enliven many different kinds of people and contexts. Through visual arts and film, we open up relational spaces for meaningful dialogue and mutual challenge between Christians and those with other worldviews. Through worship leading and training, we build up the church locally, nationally, and across the continent.

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