Meet Kofola

Hi! I’m Kofola. Scott and Caitlin are my humans and I love them. They are the best. They adopted me a little bit after they moved to Prague in 2013, and it’s been a non-stop adventure. They love to serve the people who live in our city, and I love it when they bring home new people for me to smell and throw my ball (MY FAVORITE THINGS).

ODC-18 07.17-002

I am so excited about my new little human Jimmy, who is the cutest and smallest human I have ever seen! So excited. So. Excited. If I had a tail, it would be wagging so hard right now. My mom went away for a few days in February 2018 and came back with a new little human that kind of smelled like Scott but also Caitlin. I will love him forever. Currently I am teaching him how to throw my ball. He seems to speak a different language (I’m fluent in both English and Czech), but I think he’s starting to get it. We all love to watch old movies and invite other humans into our home for dinner and long talks about life and philosophy and Jesus. It’s my job to welcome them and let them pet me (MORE FAVORITE THINGS).


Jimmy and I love all the new people and places here in the States, but we’re also looking forward to going back to the Czech Republic, where we can listen to music with dad and help clean up the dishes after mom’s yummy cooking. My humans really do love being the light of Christ to people back home in Prague, and I just know that there are balls waiting to be thrown when we get back home.



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